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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a store?

First, click on the Store Locator page. Then, search by entering either city, zip code, area code and/or state. Lastly, click "Select" next to your pharmacy name.

How do I order a prescription refill?

First, select the store. Next, click on the link under "For Prescription Refills" at the bottom of the page. At the refill page, enter the required information and click submit.

How do I contact my pharmacy?

The contact information is located on your pharmacy page.

Why can't I find my pharmacy on

If you cannot find your pharmacy at the Store Locator page, contact them to confirm their participation in the Service.

How does my pharmacy enroll in the Service?

Your pharmacy can get more information about this service and how they can sign up by contacting TeleManager Technologies at 973.679.7500.

How do I contact TeleManager Technologies?

You may contact TeleManager Technologies at 973.679.7500.

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